The Hitech Computer Academy

   In India, Technical education contributes a major share to the overall education system and plays a vital role in the social and economic development of the nation. Entry of computers brought drastic changes at various areas such as production industries, service industries, administrative functions, creative jobs and even education systems & curriculum. IT bloom has also altered the earning pattern of Indian middle class families by creating larger platform for engineering and other computer science oriented graduates.

   We at HITECH want people who are not affordable for a costly engineering education also to get quality computer and allied education plus training, thus enabling them to reach better employment as well as financial prosperity.

   Since inception along with our educational activities we had been also involved in industrial stationery printing and public printing requirements. Due to our broad network of satisfied clients in printing sector, we could arrange live projects for all students thereby a chance to know the quality parameters of various customers, which may not possible at other training centers.

   Now we feel proud to extend similar support and other better working systems to our affiliates so as to achieve our vision.


   Our vision is to elevate our students by providing a better computer education, industry oriented training and placement opportunities.


   Our mission is to set up a chain of quality computer education centers by opening new training institutes and or affiliating with existing coaching centers and raising their standard with our practices under the brand HI-TECH Computer Academy.

2013 Karthik